Sale and District Agricultural Society Inc.


ENTRIES CLOSE: FRIDAY 3:00pm OCTOBER 18th 2019. Late entries will be accepted up to 3pm Thursday 24th October 2019, but at double the normal entry fee. NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE TIMES INDICATED.

PHOTOS TO BE DELIVERED to Secretary’s Office by 3pm on Friday 25th October 2019

Please note: entries are judged the WEEK PRIOR to the Show.

No exhibitor allowed more than four entries per section.

Stewards: Mrs D. French & Members of the Sale Camera Club

Entry Fee: $1.00

All senior sections: First $3; Second $2

Student Sections: First Place trophies donated by Sale Camera Club, ribbons for 2nd & 3rd places

VAS COMPETITIONS (Sections 11 & 18 in Class U): Please visit 'SCHEDULE' on our website or contact our office to obtain VAS rules and guidelines.


  1. For Section definitions, go to Sale Camera Club website
  2. Please put any labels/stickers on back of mount. Name, address and phone no. to be clearly shown on back of mount.
    Exhibitor’s name must not be visible on front.
  3. Return postage to be included with posted entries.
  4. All Photographs to be taken by the exhibitor.
  5. Prints to be mounted on strong cardboard or matt board - NOT PAPER OR FOAM CORE. Prints must be backed with cardboard and firmly attached. No framed prints or canvases
  6. Entries not to have been entered in a previous Sale Show.
  7. Stewards reserve the right to transfer photographs entered wrongly into the correct section.
  8. Professional Photographers are not eligible to enter sections 1-18. A professional photographer is deemed as anyone who has a photography business or is employed as a professional photographer or makes any income from photography.


  • Sections 1 to 10 inclusive, and section 19: Prints up to maximum 16” x 20” including the mount.
  • Sections 12 to 17 inclusive:  Prints to be no larger than 305mm x 254mm (12” x 10”) including mount.
  • VAS competition sections 11 & 18. Unframed. Print no larger than 20x30 cm. MUST BE MOUNTED (mount no larger than 3cm)

See also, General Rules below.


BEST PRINT IN SHOW.  SASH, CERTIFICATE & PRIZE donated by Sale Camera Club and Findlay & Weymouth Camerhouse.


The Sale & District Agricultural Society thanks the sponsors in the photography section:

  • Sale Camera Club
  • Findlay & Weymouth Camerahouse 


Exhibitors MUST produce their computer printout when claiming exhibits and prize money in the Exhibition Pavilions.
Exhibition Pavilions will close at 3.30pm on Saturday and will re-open between 4.00 pm & 5.00 pm Saturday to exhibitors only for return of exhibits.

• In all sections, exhibits that have taken first prize at any previous Sale Show are not eligible to compete.
• A novice is a person who has never won a first prize in that particular class at a Sale Agricultural Show.
• All entries must be the work of the exhibitor.
• The exhibitor’s name must not appear on the exhibit in such a way that it will be visible to the judge.
• Champion awards will not be given if exhibits are not to standard.
• No exhibit may be more than two years old.

EXHIBITION PAVILIONS AGGREGATE LOCAL WINNER:    Special prize donated by the Gippsland Times, second prize donated by B & J Nicholls & family. Competitors must win a prize in more than one Class to be eligible.