Sale and District Agricultural Society Inc.


Judging commences SATURDAY 2nd November at 9.00 a.m.

Chief Stewards: J. Johnston, G. Watts

Online entries close 3pm 24th OCTOBER 2019

Online Entry Fees:

  • Section 1: Ridley Calf $1 each
  • All other Dairy Class Sections: $3 each

Junior Handlers must be accompanied by parent/ guardian.

Note that the Dairy National Show Ring Code of Ethics applies at the Sale Show. A copy of this document is available under the SCHEDULE tab on the Sale Show's website

  • All group exhibits must also be entered in ordinary sections
  • Cattle entered must be registered with their respective Breed Association. Registration Certificates must be provided.
  • All cattle to be under complete control.


  • Neat “show whites” for exhibitors (black pants acceptable) and leather boots.
  • Registrations are required on day and will be checked.
  • No points for handlers or group classes.
  • No diseased animals to be shown. Ringworm must be treated.